Alex Ranciato

Alex Ranciato is the CEO/Founder of More Than Likes. He is also a senior at North Haven High School, who competes on the Soccer and Tennis teams. Alex had the idea to start a non-profit after he realized the infatuation many teens during this age have with their technology. He has since then been conducting programs to engage teens and show others that this generation are more than “likes” on a social media page. Alex loves engaging with the community in helpful and meaningful ways.

Mya Xeller

Mya is a 17 year old high school graduate from North Haven Connecticut. She is heavily involved in the pageant world, having held many national titles in her pageant career. She is currently Miss Connecticut Teen USA and uses her platform to be a role model in her community to make a difference and inspire the youth to do the same. Her mission “ All About Pink” is dedicated to raising money for breast cancer awareness and the fight against breast cancer. Mya has spent time volunteering at Yale New Haven, Smilow Cancer Hospital in the Cingari Family Boutique making breast cancer patients feel beautiful as they faced the challenging effects of treatment. As Mya prepares to compete for the title of Miss Teen USA, she is proud to be Vice President for “ More Than Likes” where she continues her presence as a role model within the community as a young woman, proud board member, and a hard working titleholder.

Jonathan Chin

Jonathan Chin is currently a senior at North Haven High School. He strives to make his community a better place and is the secretary of More Than Likes. Jonathan is also the Vice President of the Class of 2023. He is engaged in school as he has positions on Diversity Team and Student Council, while also playing varsity fencing and tennis.

Lucas DeLencastre

Lucas de Lencastre is a senior at North Haven High school. He is a high honor roll student who also displays his leadership in sports as captain of both the soccer and tennis teams. As a member of the board, he contributes his time and effort to help develop stronger connections with the community.

Lucas (Luke) Celentano

Lucas (Luke) Celentano is a senior at Hamden Hall. He is an honor role student at Hamden Hall who also loves basketball, water polo, student government, as well as community service projects. He often is found helping the community.

Peter Harkins

Peter is Director of the Board here at More Than Likes. He is a senior at North Haven High as well as his class’s President. He is involved in the Varsity Track and Fencing team and strives to be a very active member in his community.

Laila Haraj-Sai

Laila Haraj-Sai is a senior at Daniel Hand High School. She is a board member of More Than Likes and likes to help contribute to her community and others throughout Connecticut through community service such as helping out with the American Heart Association and the Special Olympics. She is actively engaged as a leader in her school community, as the President of an a capella singing group called Encore, Captain and lead pianist of her school’s national award-winning Show Choir Band, and Captain of her school’s varsity tennis team. In her free time, she enjoys skiing in the winter season, playing the piano and accordion, and helping others engage in community service activities as well.