More Than Likes – What is it?

More Than Likes Inc. is a nonprofit organization designed to engage teenagers in their communities. More Than Likes ends the stigma around teenagers and their infatuation with technology – more importantly social media. The goal for More Than Likes is to get teenagers off of their devices and show that they are more than “likes” on a screen, through impactful acts of community service.

The More Than Likes board consists of compassionate and caring people who strive to engage individuals in meaningful community service projects.

“Can I help / donate?”

Help: You can help by filing out our contact form and visiting the “Our Missions” page on our website to learn about our current community service projects.

Donate: You can support our missions by hitting the “Donate” button, which you will be able to then donate via PayPal. No donation is too small, as everything is appreciated!

“Who do you help?”

More Than Likes helps a variety of people and organizations through their various missions. As there are new fundraisers happening all the time, please see the “missions” page to get the most recent updates on individual projects. There are multiple missions run by More Than Likes, each that target a different goal of ultimately bettering the community. Each mission supports a different cause!

“How do you choose who you help?”

More Than Likes chooses who we help through community and board conversations that decide on the most pressing topics currently. From there, we find larger organizations that we are able to donate our proceeds to. If no adequate organizations are found, we construct a mission to help the issue at hand.

“Where are you located?”

More Than Likes is based in North Haven, Connecticut, yet we are hoping to expand to a nation wide platform soon!

“How did you get started”?

More Than Likes started when founder/CEO Alex Ranciato had the spark to make change in his community. He realized the stigma around his age group and technology, as he set out to change it. From there, he built More Than Likes, adding the missions with help from his outstanding board.

“How much have your raised”?

As of May 2021, More Than Likes has currently raised $1,500 in donations. We will update this and our counter soon!

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